About us

EDYN is a network of ecumenical, Christian, voluntary service Programms that send and receive volunteers worldwide.
The work of EDYN members is based upon a Christian view of humanity. The human being is seen in relation to others as a social being and as a free person who takes responsibility for themselves and others. The human being is unique in God´s creation; self-determination, tolerance and respect are central values in our work. Because of this we offer you with our voluntary service programmes a social educational year which includes practical activities within a nonprofit organisation as well as individual mentoring.
Voluntary service abroad provides the opportunity to gain experience in another country. Therefore you encounters a new culture, new living conditions and new people. The volunteer service effects non-formal and informal learning processes through the activities in the placement and the social environment. Voluntary service is a key part of a young person´s biography. With a successful preparation, pedagogical support and evaluation we hopfully are able to encourage you to develop your identity and opinions, to gain a different view and to reflect your behaviour.