How to become a member

If you are considering membership of EDYN, please read here below and feel free to contact us edyn(at)

Conditions for Membership

  • Legal status as a non-profit faith-based organisation coordinating a voluntary service programme
  • Acceptance of and adhesion to the essentials of the network
  • Payment of annual fee
  • Participation in annual meeting of EDYN (non-attendance for for 3 consecutive years results in termination of membership)

Application for Membership

The application should be in English and include:

  • a presentation of the organisation
  • a motivation letter indicating that the applicant accepts the conditions of membership given above
  • proof of legal status, statutes
  • proof of financial capability
  • names of board and executive staff
  • copy of last annual report if available
  • statement of how the programme meets, or will work to meet, the essential conditions, goals and standards of EDYN
  • references from church bodies

Possibility: 2 years of support and building up

Once your organisation has been accepted, you may choose two kinds of membership:

  • Full member of the organisation right away
  • Sign a "Letter of Memorandum" allowing the applicant a two years period of support and building up a successful volunteer exchange programme.

Become a member of EDYN

EDYN is a network of ecumenical, Christian, voluntary service programmes, organising exchange of volunteers of all faiths and non-faith, as well as offering best practices for staff and organisational support

EDYN is open to work with organisations and partners of other faiths and encourages interreligious dialogue.