Volunteer Ministries, United Church of Christ (UCC)

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700 Prospect Ave.
44115-1100 Cleveland, OH
United States
+ 1 216 7 36 32 14
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The Partners in Service programme offered through the Volunteer Ministries Office of the United Church of Christ, provides a variety of opportunities for service in diverse settings. Volunteers serve terms of two weeks to a year or more. Partners In Service is open to adults of all ages, skilled and unskilled, who are eager to serve and have a willingness to learn and, at the same time, wish to gain a better understanding of themselves. International volunteers are placed upon the recommendation of partners in the Ecumenical Diaconal Year Network and recognized church partners of the United Church of Christ. Approximately 20-25 long-term volunteers (8-12 month placements) serve each year. Approximately 40-45 short-term (1-8 month placements) volunteers serve each year.
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Fredag, september 30, 2016
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Fredag, september 30, 2016
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Fredag, september 30, 2016
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