Guidelines for Applicants

See information leaflet here.

Who can become a member?

Any church or not for profit organisation prepared to subscribe to the conditions of membership.

What conditions are there for membership?


  • Legal status as a church or not for profit organization
  • Acceptance of objectives of network, especially the learning objectives and quality standards (see EDYN information pamphlet)
  •  Practical ecumenism, meaning: a willingness to host and/or send volunteers who are members of any church belonging to the World Council of Churches. Note: this assumes volunteers are well motivated and mature and that the member organisation that will host them has places available. A sending organisation may also accept volunteers from other churches, other faiths or with no religious affiliation if the EDYN member organisation that will host the volunteer agrees.
  • Acceptance of placements offered by any church in the member organisation’s country, subject to acceptance of the member’s conditions on funding, terms of service, etc. Note: a member organisation may also have placements outside WCC member churches; e.g. placements in churches not members of WCC, in Jewish social service institutions, non-church organisations, etc. Each EDYN member is then free to decide for itself if it will send volunteers to such placements.
  • Payment of the annual fee
  • Participation in the annual meeting of EDYN
  • Willingness to engage in lobbying efforts with other voluntary service organisations in own country and internationally, to improve conditions for voluntary service generally.

What does a member have to pay?

There is an annual fee calculated on basis of € 25 for each volunteer sent/received to/from programmes within the network in the previous year. There is a minimum fee of € 1000 for Western European members and € 500 for Central and Eastern European members to be paid whether or not volunteers are sent or received.

How does an organisation apply?

A letter of application should be sent to the EDYN Network co-ordinator at  by March 31 for acceptance in that year. The letter should indicate the applicant accepts the conditions of membership as given above. Attached to the letter should be: proof of legal status, including statutes, names of board and executive staff members, copy of last annual report (if available), a statement giving reasons for wishing to join, letters or other proof of support from church.

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