By now EDYN has 16 members from 14 countries all in all, and have reached the number of 500 volunteers / year within the network and partner organisations. Let’s have a short look how this incredible volunteer number increased during the last half century. 

  • Diaconal Year in Germany since post-war period
  • Voluntary youth exchange between France and Germany
  • France, Belgium, Sweden, the Netherlands and Denmark: loose relationship since 1980s
  • Yearly meetings since 1992 (Strasbourg)
  • Creation of EDYN in 1993
  • Same year: Germany, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, United States of America and the United Kingdom had their first formal meeting as a network.  They set up a goal of increasing their foreign volunteer exchanges to 10 %
  • Membership in AVSO since 1994
  • Help to churches in Central and Eastern Europe and Italy to develop voluntary service programs since 1996
  • EDYN/RGDTS relationship established: First multilateral project in 2003
  • Formal incorporation in NL in 2005
  • New members from the US
  • Development of standards, formalization
  • Establishment of EDYN office in 2008
  • Formal incorporation in Hungary in 2009
The Ecumenical Diaconal Year Network (EDYN) - Created by KYbest.