How to fill in the EDYN application form


EDYN is an ecumenical network of voluntary service organisations. Its members are Christian faith-based organisations who send and receive volunteers within Europe and worldwide. For further information, please see

The areas of work and the placements
EDYN offers placements in the social sector. Please find enclosed a table with the offer in the respective countries (pages 3-4). Please take into account that the number of the placements listed is meant for the applicants of ALL member countries. This means e.g. that when there are 5 places indicated for church communities in France, these places are available for ALL EDYN members.

The final decision on your area of work will not be made until after the whole process is finished (personal interview, aptitude, number of placements).

Application form
Page 1: When you fill in “personal data”, please indicate your ID-card no. If you apply for a non-EU country (U.S., Ukraine, Romania), please indicate also your passport no.

Page 5: What kind of social service interests you the most? Please first indicate “your” countries in the grey line of the table. Then, please indicate your priorities of work areas in the empty lines of the table with a number from 1 to 9 (from 1 “most interested” to 9 “not interested”). Please use every number once. The areas of work mentioned are not being offered in their entirety in all the countries of our network. Please see the tables on pages 3-4 and check what is on offer in “your” countries! By “social projects”, we understand placements to reintegrate addicts, homeless people and offenders, open coffee shops, second-hand stores and meeting places for migrants, etc.

Explanation for “Roma-Gadje-Dialogue through Service Initiative“. This is an initiative of various voluntary services committed to improve the situation of Roma in Europe through voluntary service. The basic idea is the dialogue between Roma (Gypsies) and Gadje (Romani word for non-Roma) in the places where volunteers will serve (often in form of “tandems” of one Roma and one Gadje). Participating countries are the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine, and there are different work areas.

Submission of application
You can only apply if by 1st September, 2007, you will be at least 18 years old.

A complete application contains the following:
1. application form
2. curriculum vitae in tabular form
3. letter of motivation
4. 3 references
5. letter from your doctor on your physical and mental health

The application form plus curriculum vitae and motivation letter (not the whole application!) should be filled in on the computer. Please do not send us your papers in digital form. We will scan them here. If you need more space for answering the questions in the form, please use an extra piece of paper. A print-out of the computer files per language and all other materials are to be sent to us by post. Please remember to sign the last page! We need your application in German AND English (Not all our partners in the network understand German). Should you apply for France or Belgium, we need an application in French INSTEAD of English. Please use a black pen to fill in the application if you do not type it.

Please put the papers in the order 1-5 per language (please do not staple). Please fill out the checklist and put it on top of your application. Copies of the checklist are not required. We would also like to point out that you should not use any kind of clear plastic folders, spring folders or anything remotely similar. Please send us your application in a new padded envelope. Normal envelopes tend to tear apart causing delays; sometimes envelopes that were used before have a bar code on them and are being misdirected.

Unfortunately, we cannot return applications which we are unable to consider (with the exception of your pictures and possibly original references).

We kindly ask all applicants to install a personal email account if you have not already done so which enables us to communicate better.

• Pictures
We require 6 pictures. Please write your name on the back and stick one picture each in the corresponding area indicated on the first page of the ORIGINAL application. Please do not use any colour prints of pictures. Please put the remaining pictures in a separate envelope. When sending the application form by computer, please insert the picture where it belongs!

• Letter of Motivation
The letter of motivation should be written by yourself in German AND English OR French (see above). You may ask someone to assist you with the translations. Please explain your motivation for doing a voluntary service abroad in form of a letter using a separate sheet of paper, typed or handwritten). The letter should be about one page long, and does not need to carry an address.

The following ideas may guide you:
1. What motivated you to apply for a Diaconal Year Abroad?
2. Why are you applying for a voluntary service?
3. Why are you applying with a Christian faith-based organisation?
4. Why do you want to go to a foreign country?
5. What are your expectations?
6. What personal goals do you hope to achieve through such a year?
7. Do you have any specific ideas as to how your Diaconal Year should be?
8. Is there anything you would like to mention at this point?

Besides, this letter of motivation should contain information on your personal convictions and beliefs (ethical/humanitarian/religious, etc.). Please mention the organisations or fellowships your are actively involved in.

• References
The references should NOT be written by a family member or a close friend of yours. They should each be about one page long. We kindly ask you to have 3 different people who know you well write a reference for you. These could be pastors or ministers/priests, youth group leaders, employers, teachers, etc, but please do not ask only teachers or only pastors to give the references. The references should be in German in the original. Please also send in a translation in English OR French which you may do yourself, but you may also ask someone to assist you. The translations do not have to be signed. Please send us copies of the original references. You may still want to use them in the future. The following ideas may guide the persons who write references for you:

1. How are you related to the applicant?
2. How long have you known the applicant?
3. Has the applicant talked to you about the application?
4. What do you think are her reasons to desire a voluntary service abroad?
5. What would you consider her main problems abroad?
6. What would you suggest that would help her best in a crisis during the year?
7. What are some special character traits of the applicant?
8. What do you think about her experience and maturity?
9. What do you know about her Christian background?
10. What would you consider some of her current problems?
11. For which area of work would you recommend her?
12. For which area of work would you consider her less suitable?
13. What do you think are her strengths and weaknesses?

* We only used the female version. Of course, all questions also refer to male applicants.

• Medical certificate
The medical certificate should be issued by a doctor who knows you well. We are sorry that we are not able to cover any costs with regard to these medical statements. It could read as follows:

“(Name) is physically and mentally healthy, free of any infectious diseases and able to cope with stress. From a medical point of view, there are no reservations against a long-term stay abroad.”
“Following a thorough examination, there are no reservations on behalf of her doctor which would prevent (Name) from taking part in the Diaconal Year Abroad.”

For the translation it is best if you copy the original and write the English or French translation on the copy.

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