What is EDYN?

What is EDYN?

EDYN is a network of ecumenical Christian voluntary service organisations.

EDYN's member organisations send and receive volunteers world-wide. The programmes provide opportunities for full-time voluntary service in social and educational institutions, projects and church congregations.

Who belongs to EDYN?

Christian voluntary service organisations from the following countries belong to EDYN: Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, the United Kingdom, the Ukraine and the United States.

Quotes from some of our volunteers:

“Being  a volunteer definitely changed my life.”

 “I became braver and more creative.”

“I learned how to handle new situations and how to get to know new people. I got to know another culture and other living conditions.”

 “Now it is possible for me to overcome stereotypes and prejudices and to have an intercultural sensitivity.”

“It really improved my language skills.”

“My volunteer year opened my horizons for trying new unknown things and letting me see more options for the future.”

“I feel like during this volunteer year I have learned to enjoy every day of my life more and to be thankful for everything I am blessed with."

"This experience has just been incredible. My volunteer year helped me find out what my next step in life will be.”

“I recommend that people of all ages do voluntary service.  It gives you a different view on the world; makes you challenge your own boundaries and lets you see what you are able to give”.

 “During my voluntary service I worked at a neighbourhoud centre for children and young people. I organised many different programmes and competitions for our young visitors. This helped me to improve my leadership and creative skills.”

"My work with refugee resettlement included a lot of talking on the phone.  When I realized it meant that the connections I was making changed lives, everything changed."

“I realized that helping is never a process of just giving, but of giving and receiving.”

“Being a volunteer was one of my best decisions ever.”


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