How does EDYN function?

There is a lively contact between the partners during the exchange of volunteers among the programmes. Additionally, the representatives of the EDYN members meet as a network in a conference for several days once a year. To develop particular themes and projects working groups are set up.

Based on these shared goals and standards, members of EDYN support each other through:
• Annual meetings
• Working groups
• Resource sharing
• Multilateral projects

For the support of its members and the further deployment of the causes of the network an EDYN office has been established in Budapest/ Hungary in January 2008 and an executive director employed.

In addition to funding from churches, placements (and in some cases volunteers), EDYN members receive financial support from the European Voluntary Service programme of the European Union, national government programmes supporting voluntary service and foundations. EDYN is represented in the Association of Volunteers Service Organisations (AVSO). New members are welcome. Admission is decided at the annual conference. For further information contact the EDYN office at .

The Ecumenical Diaconal Year Network (EDYN) - Created by KYbest.