Our Partners


Eurodiaconia is a European network of churches and Christian NGOs providing social and health care services and advocating social justice.

Together our membership represents the needs and unique experiences of 46 national and regional organizations in 32 countries.

Diakonia is Greek for service and in the biblical sense, this means service for and with people in need.

More: www.eurodiaconia.org


The Network of European Voluntary Service Organisations (NEVSO) is a network of European not-for-profit non-governmental organizations and federations. The member organizations send volunteers to countries in every continent and host volunteers from other countries in their own country. NEVSO represents the interests of international voluntary service organizations in Brussels.

More: www.nevso.eu


Phiren Amenca is a network of Roma and Non-Roma organizations, dealing with non-formal education through dialogue and engagement, focused on challenging stereotypes and racism.

More: www.phirenamenca.eu