How to apply

To apply contact one of our member organizations in your home country – they will provide you with all necessary information and materials.

If you are resident of a country with no EDYN member organization – contact the member organization in the country in which you are interested in serving and ask for information.

After contacting the member organization you should expect:
  • Application form

    To fill in the application form and to indicate what preferences you have in regard to field of service (working with children, elderly, special needs, homeless, etc.) and in which countries you would be willing to volunteer.

  • Interview

    This usually involves a discussion of the candidate’s written application in a face-to-face interview. In some cases if the distances are great, it may be done by skype/telephone.

  • Selection event

    In many countries there will be a selection event for all those interested in volunteering this year. Some of these events have ex-volunteers and someone from the potential hosting organization present to give more information and to help to conduct the interview

  • Matching volunteer and placement

    The sending organization discusses with the potential hosting organization what possibilities there are for that candidate in that country. The hosting organization, based upon their possibilities, makes an offer to the volunteer. The candidate can accept or refuse the first offer.

    When the candidate and the hosting placement are satisfied, then the EDYN network members (the sending and hosting organizations) draw up an agreement confirming the placement, duration of service, financial arrangements, etc.

  • Preparation and orientation

    The volunteer takes part in a preparation event offered by sending organization. There is also an orientation seminar in the hosting country for all the foreign volunteers coming in that year.

Most of our programmes begin in August-September.