Why volunteer

Here are a few reasons in the form of testimonies from former volunteers.

Don’t be afraid to try this experience; life is a gift and you have to make the most of it!

In your voluntary service you learn how to dance in the rain instead of waiting for the sun – this is the most important skill for the rest of your life.

The Voluntary Service changed me a lot. I met myself and understand me better. I met the world and understand him better. I met different human beings and understand them better. I practiced job and managed my responsibilities better. I teach my language and understand it better. I learned a new language and I develop my communicational skills a lot. I had new friends from all over the world and feel more complete as a human being in these planet. …These ways and treasures are above all expectations I had. ..Far, far! Thank you!

I feel blessed in many ways: I have the opportunity to learn a very beautiful language (…). I have gained experience, I’m full of impressions that I would never have gained anywhere else, I have met many unbelievably nice people, made new friends, found a second home.

I chose to change my life because I felt that the things that I did in the past were not enough, my mood is “we can’t change the world but we can try to find a way to make it different”. So the idea was “try to do something for the others”. I choose Czech Republic because the culture is completely different from Italy and I thought it was a good test. So now I’m here and I like it. I think that it will be a really good experience not because “yes, you live abroad”, “yes, you can meet new friends” “yes, you will see different places”, I think is something inside you that will change after an experience like this. Take the best from around you, bad things and good things and everything will be fine.

To be honest I always loved to travel and to meet new people, cultures and traditions, but this was totally different. These experiences have exposed me to great responsibilities and given me the opportunity to challenge myself in ways which have developed my character and maturity. I really can say that this experience taught me many things but more important of all I think it changed me in nice and positive way. Not because of the country or city, because of the people. I meet beautiful people in their soul, who shown me a bigger picture. I learned many things about different cultures and that helped me respect more my culture, country and people in it.

To do a Diaconal Year was one of the best decisions in my life and I warmly recommend to anyone to go abroad for a year – it changes yourself, your perspective on the world, and it really helps to leave your own comfort zone!