Are you passionate about supporting children and young people?

Volunteers working with children and young people always need a lot of empathy, patience, creativity and authority in dealing with discipline issues. The work is often exhausting, but is also very rewarding if the volunteer is open to get involved into it.

A voluntary service with children and young people can take place in different fields, for example: homes for children and youth, kindergartens, schools, day-care centers, youth centers, etc.

Children and youth in homes usually come from difficult family backgrounds, so working there can also mean dealing with discipline problems and family issues; but you will always be supported by your mentor and colleagues to work through each situation you face.

Possible activities

Working with children or young people in the different fields is sometimes quite similar and sometimes there are specific additional tasks of work.

All in all a volunteer takes care of the children and youngsters, supports them in daily routines, and has the possibility to offer sport, music or artistic activities.

In kindergarten

  • supporting the kindergarten teachers while free play and other offers (e.g. playing with the children, doing handicrafts, singing, baking, going on trips)
  • planning activities according to own interests

In a home for children and youth

  • supporting the daily schedule (from getting up in the morning to going to bed in the evening)
  • in the morning: helping to wake children up, washing them, preparing food, getting older children ready for school, playing with younger children

In the afternoon / on weekend

  • helping them with their homework, preparing lunch, offering leisure activities (sports, games, handicrafts, choirs, trips, etc.).
  • serving as contact person and taking care for the children and young people, but also representing borders and rules and helping the educators in creating a positive atmosphere in the home