Are you passionate about supporting guest houses or conference centers?

Guest houses and conference centers are places where usually several volunteers and the staff live and take care for groups that come to visit for some days or weeks. These are often social groups of children and young people, church groups with adults, international groups or business groups.

One important aspect of the voluntary service in a guest house is the community life. Volunteers are welcome to contribute their gifts and skills to the common life, e.g. through prayers, common leisure time activities or extraordinary activities within the group of staff.

Possible activities

For you as a volunteer, there are various possibilities to get involved, e.g.:

  • Practical tasks

    Work in the kitchen, at the reception, in the field of maintenance or cleaning, etc.

  • Contact person

    Serving as contact person for the different guests and groups (e.g. help them with any questions or problems)

  • Certain areas

    Taking responsibility for a certain area within the centre like a café or the computer network

  • Seminar sessions & leisure time activities

    Supporting and organizing seminar sessions and leisure time activities like sports, music or religion

  • Supervision sessions & trainings

    Taking part in regular supervision sessions and trainings to reflect their personal development, their faith and the community life