Are you passionate about supporting local church ministries and community development projects?

There is a wide variety of church placements within our network. The communities could be large or small in number, located in cities, towns and villages. Some orientate themselves to traditional services, other to contemporary services, or both.

That is why the variety of tasks available for a volunteer is also wide. As a volunteer in church, you get in contact with different kind of groups – children and young people, adults and elderly people.

Volunteers working in a church always need a lot of flexibility, because working time often depends on a lot of special dates and holidays.

Possible activities

For you as a volunteer, there are various possibilities to get involved, e.g.:

  • Children’s and youth work

    Sunday school, youth fellowship groups, supporting and organizing activities during school holidays, after-school clubs, …

  • Leisure activities

    Organizing leisure time activities for different kind of groups – music, art, sport, … (according to the interests and skills of the volunteer)

  • Local community work

    Bible study groups, other community groups, church’s community outreach projects such as café and homeless ministry, …

  • Offering pastoral care

    Visiting elderly members of the church in their homes, building relationships with new church members, …

  • Administration duties

    Creating newsletters, …