Are you passionate about supporting vulnerable people, homeless persons or addicts?

There is a wide variety of placements for working with social projects. In all of these projects there are people, who need help to change their circumstances, for example homeless people, people with drug and alcohol addiction and refugees. A voluntary service could also take place in a hospice or hospital.

Volunteers work alongside trained professionals to ensure that the persons in need are well cared for – both physically and emotionally. Some of these programmes have Christian faith as an important part in the recovery programme.

Possible activities

Depending on client group there are various possibilities to get involved. e.g:

  • Administration duties

    Assist staff in administration duties

  • Practical tasks

    Working in a (soup)kitchen or café for these special groups

  • Contact person

    Serving as contact person for the different groups (e.g. help them with any questions or problems, being present, talk with people, listen to them)

  • Assist clients in learning

    Assist clients in learning and carrying out domestic duties (cleaning, cooking, gardening, etc.)

  • Assist clients to find

    Assist clients to find employment, social benefits or accommodation for themselves

  • Seminar sessions & leisure time activities

    Supporting and organising seminar sessions and leisure time activities like sports, music or religion